Our Key Management Team

Meet Our Management

The management team is headed by the Director of studies. She is in charge of the overall running of the school.

The Head of School Academic works hand in hand with the teachers issues regarding academics . She reports directly to the Director of Studies.

The Head of School of school Administration see to the day to day running of the school. She works directly with the teacher and mostly assistant teacher. She reports directly to the DOS.

The school is divided into 3 key stages: Early Years Foundation, Key Stage one and Key Stage two. Each key stage has a coordinator that oversees the smooth running of their key stages.

The Head of School Events is in charger of planning and organizing all school events.

The Head of School Welfare attends to the welfare need of parents, pupils and teachers

Dear Parents

I am delighted to welcome you to Pee Vee School Website.This website contains information about our school, its organisation and educational opportunities.
Pee Vee school is a private day school for boys and girls from playgroup to year 6. Pee Vee school is a choice school amongst several in the community. It stands out at providing quality education to its pupils. The school sought to support, educate and inspire learners to ever put their best and ensure that they become the best in everything they do.

Our school is a happy and vibrant school with wonderful energy to it. We provide a wide range of learning experiences to enable all learners to realise their potential. Our Motto is ‘ MouIding a model child’ . We believe in rich learning that extends beyond knowledge to deeper understanding and development of wisdom. In other word, we develop a total child. We are able to acquire these through the guidance and encouragement of our highly qualified, talented and passionate staff, who believes so much in learning and moving with new trends.

I am proud that Pee Vee School can offer such a happy and safe learning environment for our children to develop.
We have highly qualified and professional teachers who provide wonderful learning experience to discover and bring out the best in every child. They provide care and support for the social and emotional development of a child which make school a home away for home experience for the children.

What We Do...

PeeVee School Curriculum

Starting school is an important step. At Pee Vee, we plan the school program to ensure there is positive development in each child. We offer children with different activities according to their ability.

We base children learning at this stage in seven different areas.

Literacy – communication, problem solving and reading.

Numeracy – knowledge, reasoning and problem solving mathematically.

Science – understanding the environment and creative development.

Health habit – hygiene and personal development.

Social habit – social development and general knowledge.

Music  –  Key notes and instrument training

We monitor all these developmental sills and acquisition throughout their early years in school.

Our Early years:

Children between the ages of 3months and 4 years are admitted into our early years. This stage is very crucial in a child’s life and development; we ensure learning is fun and impactful.
Learning are in stages and every child learn at his or her own pace, we have different learning activities that enables all the children to participate and achieve set goals. We instill in children good morals and self-reliance by encouraging them to be innovative and independent.
What is important to us at this stage is to help children to develop their skill through play, craft, music and talking. This helps children to think and solve problems.
Our aim is to identify each child’s potentials by providing an enabling environment that supports and bring out these potentials through positive encouragement and rewards.

Key Stage One & Two:

This is the primary section of Pee Vee School where teachers and pupils relate as a family. The evidence spirit of friendship that exists in every part of the primary school creates a unique atmosphere in which our pupils feel happy and thrive. In this nurturing environment, we encourage everyone to establish and develop a lifelong love of learning and explore their talents. The teaching and non-teaching staff crews are capable, reliable, and experienced; therefore we unleash potentials, excellence and greatness on our pupils to activate the invincible ability that they possess. Furthermore, we have a well-equipped library and a modern ICT room that is built to facilitate learning in a fascinating environment.

We Offer Affordable School Fees Payment Plans

What We Offer


Independence 100%
Respect 100%
Love 100%
Tolerance 100%
Intergrity 100%
Humilty 100%


Our Classrooms are well managed and prepared for good learning experiences for the children .We have highly qualified teachers to guide the children through their early years of learning and development.
The basic needs of children growing up at this stage are our focus, therefore; we have a whole line up of activities to suit this purpose every day.

Our teacher are committed professionals,very resourceful and vision driven.They undergo regular training, they posses necessary qualification needed to impact world class education and they impact knowledge through fun ways.

Mrs Achas

Year one class teacher. I have over seventeen years experience teaching primary school. I have special interest in children with reading and writing challenge.

Mrs Miogbodofo

I am a Year one class teacher. Teaching is my passion. I love it here.

Mrs Manuel

I am a year four teacher. Teaching is a tasking job, but very fun.

Mrs Nzette

I teach preschool 2. I had always wanted to be a teacher and i am happy that i am living my dreams.

Mrs Odukoya

I am a year two class teacher. Engineer turned educator and enjoying every bit of it.

Mrs Dosunmu

I teach playgroup. Teaching is interesting, particularly fun teaching this age group.regelialia. It is a paradisematic country, in which

Mrs Ndumaya

Preschool two class teacher and Head of School Administration. My background in special education has helped tremendously in helping children with learning challenges over the years.

Mrs Ohanebo

I teach preschool one and also the school bursar. I have over seven years experience in early years and it has been a fulfilling one.

Mrs Olaegbe

A Year 2 class Teacher, I am friendly, open to learning and a goal-getter. I love being with children, especially impacting knowledge.

Mrs Oladimeji

I am year 3 class teacher. I thought teaching in early years was fun, until i crossed over to Primary School. I am loving every bit of it.

Mrs Olaleye

I am a Reception class teacher and Head of Keystage one. I am a member of TRCN. I have been working with early years children foe the past 8 years. My most powerful tool for teaching is music.

Mrs Okedare

I am a Reception class teacher. I am passionate about singing and dancing and often use these as teaching aid in my class.

Mrs Olawuyi

I teach preschool one and i am the Head of school welfare. I enjoy childhood education. it has been great joy watching these children achieve one developmental milestone to another.

Mrs Taiwo

I am a Year one class teacher and Head of School Academics. I love singing and impacting. I may be strict, but fun to be with.

Mrs Omosebi

I am Mrs. Omosebi. Reception class teacher and Head of School Events. I have been working with children within the age range of 4- 7 years for the past 15 years. They are the best age range to work with. It has been fun all the way.

Mrs Salako

Year 3 teacher of this great citadel of learning. Teaching for me is more than just a profession. It is a calling.

Mrs Mowete

Preschool 2 teachers and Early years Coordinator.i enjoy the company of children and loves surfing the internet for educational resources.

Mrs Ubani

Diction Teacher

Mrs Babatunde

Yoruba Teacher

Mr Manuwa

I am a Year six teacher and Keystage two coordinator of the school. Making impact anywhere i find myself is one of my strength. That is why they call me 'Mr. Fix' .

Mr George

I am a Year five teacher and Head of School Maintenance. I derive pleasure in influencing lives positively and moulding lives through teaching.

Mr Achas

ICT Teacher

Mr Robin

Music and Ballet Teacher

Monsieur Gauche

French Teacher

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