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Our Beautiful Classroom
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Ballet Performance
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Our Cozy crèche
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Life's a Beach!
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Mother's Day Celebration 2019
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Father''s Day 2018
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Pee Vee School Inter House Sports 2019
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Our Children - our Future

Our Learning Spaces Are Second To None!

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Creating our Children’s future

Early Years: crèche
- Preschool 2

Key Stage One: Reception  - Year 2

Key stage Two: Year 3 - 6


Your Child's Career Path Begins Here

Ballet Perfomances

Charity & Community Service

We are dedicated to building a strong sense of community in Pee Vee school because we love our Community

Keeping Our Pupils Active

"All work and no play doesn't just make Jill and Jack dull, it kills the potential of discovery, mastery, and openness to change and flexibility and it hinders innovation and invention."

PeeVee School Schedule

Awards and Competitions

Meet our Early Years Pupils


In Pee Vee School Creche, we admit children from 3 months to 18 months. We believe that young toddlers deserves quality care in an environment that is clean and safe. We provide such a happy environment that stimulates the mind of a child

Play Group

Welcome to our early years department. We strongly value the importance of play, creativity, exploration, and problem solving in shaping children’s early learning experience.
Early years serves children from age 1-5years.We have three classes. Playgroup preschool 1 and preschool 2.
See below for a peak into our classroom environment.

Preschool One

Welcome to Preschool 1 class. This is the class for children within the age range of 2 to 3. In this class the children develop basic skills in listening , communication, reading and writing . We introduce them to numbers and letters formation while build their interest in writing and identification. We teach them moral behaviour and safety in the environment. We provide
the right environment to make learning fun and easy.

Preschool Two

Welcome to Preschool 2.Children between 3-4 years old are admitted into our class.We understand that this stage is very important in a child learning and development.We have quite a number of programme lined up for them to build up their skills in all areas.The children are introduced to initial sounds,blending of two to three letters to form words as well as reading simple sentences.We also give them a solid foundation to prepare them for Mathematical skills they need later in life.They are introduced to various activities such as addition and subtraction of numbers.Simple multiplication of numbers and also comparing numbers. They are encouraged to talk about their feelings and solve conflicts by using words instead of fist.they are also encourage to interact well with their peers. we set up activities areas in the classroom and encourage the children to follow their own interest and work with whatever they are interested in.

ICT Department

Meet Our Key Stage One Pupils


Welcome to our Reception Class an arm of the key stage one(KS1) The age grade of kids are between 4_5 years old. Reception Class is a preparatory class for the children before launching them into the primary school.
Reception Class prepares the kids to read four to five letter words, digraphs, blends to mention a few.
It’s a class that help boost children ‘s confidence to help them start reading simple sentences to semi complex sentences and grade 1 level books.Also prepares them for mental reasoning required to solve simple sums that will help them solve problems in the outside world.
We make use of various resources and differentiated methods to reach various children.

Year One

In year one, we raise children who are self directed, refine socially and alert mentally with good character.

We strive to discover potentials in each child and guide them to put them to good use .

We learn through experimenting and observation.

Year Two

Here in year 2, we aim at being great in Numeracy with lots of practices and exercises. We equally excel in Literacy as we expose the children to activities that build up their listening , reading and writing skills.

PeeVee School Pupils

Meet Our Key Stage Two Pupils

Key Stage Two: Year Three

These are year 3 pupils. Our children work independently and we make learning interactive through different activities.We also see to their moral upbringing and social life that we make them acceptable in the society.

Key Stage Two: Year Four

Year four is the second class in key stage two. We develop their language fluency, comprehension and vocabulary skills. Pupils are daily equipped to be critical and analytical thinkers. They are also trained to be responsible, independent, honest and respectful.

Key Stage Two: Year Five

In this class (year 5), we strive to create a compassionate, friendly and an accepting class environment. We use various creative instructional strategies, models and methods to develop and encourage pupils to being bold, articulate, autonomous and innovative in carrying out any given tasks proper so as to empower them to be rational decision makers and future leaders.

Key Stage Two: Year Six

These are year 6 pupils. The last class in primary section(ks2). They are within the age range of 9- 10 years . We prepare them for Lagos State common entrance examinations and any examinations within their level. We also prepare them ahead to combat and win any form of secondary school challenge.

PeeVee Pupils Getting Creative

"Most people say that it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: it is character."

Albert Einstein

Want the PeeVee Experience?

PeeVee School Anthem & Pledge

Co Curricular

Teachers. Our teacher are committed professionals,very resourceful and vision driven.They undergo regular training, they posses necessary qualification needed to impact world class education and they impact knowledge through fun ways.regelialia. It is a paradisematic country, in which

Our Teachers PeeVee School.

Year one class teacher. I have over seventeen years experience teaching primary school. I have special interest in children with reading and writing challenge.

Mrs Achas Year One Class Teacher

I teach playgroup. Teaching is interesting, particularly fun teaching this age group.regelialia. It is a paradisematic country, in which

Mrs Dosunmu Play group Teacher

I am a Year one class teacher. Teaching is my passion. I love it here.

Mrs Miogbodofo Year One Teacher

I teach year 4. Teaching is a tasking job, but very fun.

Mrs Manuel Year Four teacher

Preschool 2 teachers and Early years Coordinator.i enjoy the company of children and loves surfing the internet for educational resources.

Mrs Mowete Preschool Two

Preschool two class teacher and Head of School Administration. My background in special education has helped tremendously in helping children with learning challenges over the years.

Mrs Ndumaya Preschool Two

I teach preschool 2. I had always wanted to be a teacher and i am happy that i am living my dreams.

Mrs Nzette Preschool Two

I am a year two class teacher. Engineer turned educator and enjoying every bit of it.

Mrs Odukoya Designation

I teach preschool one and also the school bursar. I have over seven years experience in early years and it has been a fulfilling one.

Mrs Ohanebo Preschool One

I am a Reception class teacher. I am passionate about singing and dancing and often use these as teaching aid in my class.

Mrs Okedare Reception Teacher

Year 3 teacher of this great citadel of learning. Teaching for me is more than just a profession. It is a calling.

Mrs Salako Year Three Teacher

I am year 3 class teacher. I thought teaching in early years was fun, until i crossed over to Primary School. I am loving every bit of it.

Mrs Oladimeji Year Three Teacher

A Year 2 class Teacher, I am friendly, open to learning and a goal-getter. I love being with children, especially impacting knowledge.

Mrs Olaegbe Year Two

I am a Reception class teacher and Head of Keystage one. I am a member of TRCN. I have been working with early years children foe the past 8 years. My most powerful tool for teaching is music.

Mrs Olaleye Reception Teacher

I teach preschool one and i am the Head of school welfare. I enjoy childhood education. it has been great joy watching these children achieve one developmental milestone to another.

Mrs Olawuyi Preschool One Teacher

I am a Year one class teacher and Head of School Academics. I love singing and impacting. I may be strict, but fun to be with.

Mrs Taiwo Year One

I am a Year six teacher and Keystage two coordinator of the school. Making impact anywhere i find myself is one of my strength. That is why they call me 'Mr. Fix' .

Mr Manuwa Year Six Teacher

I am a Year five teacher and Head of School Maintenance. I derive pleasure in influencing lives positively and moulding lives through teaching.

Mr George Year Five Teacher
Mrs Ubani Diction Teacher
Mrs Babatunde Yoruba Teacher
Mr Achas ICT Teacher
Mr Robin Music & Ballet Teacher
Monsieur Gauche French Teacher

I am Mrs. Omosebi. Reception class teacher and Head of School Events. I have been working with children within the age range of 4- 7 years for the past 15 years. They are the best age range to work with. It has been fun all the way.

Mrs Omosebi Reception Teacher

2019 Inter-house Sports

It is our core value to groom total children . We aim at building not only their skill academically and socially, but also physically through sport. Apart from having sport time every Wednesday, we expose the children to interschool competitions and organises bi- annual school inter house sports .
Mrs Ajetunmobi
Director of Studies
"Practice like you've never won. Perform like you've never lost. Train Insane Or Remain The Same Winners Train,Losers Complain. However, “When you have fun, it changes all the pressure into pleasure.”
PeeVee School
Head of School


At Pee Vee School, we build a total child. We take learning outside the four walls of the class by organizing both whole school and class excursions. This among others help to develop the power of observation, exploration and problem solving ability of the children.

Club Activities

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PeeVee School Ambassadors

Arts & Drama


Every one of our Prefect is devoted to delivering the  very best.

Ifeoluwa O

Senior Prefect

Anaya U

Asst. Senior Prefect

Amoto A

Health Prefect

Fiyinfoluwa K

Library Prefect

Oluwashindara A

Asst. Library Prefct

Temiloluwa O

Assembly Prefect

Semilore O

Time Keeper

Ademide A

Dress Code Prefect

Rafal E.G

Sports Prefect

Inioluwa A

Asst. Sports Prefect

Victor O

ICT Prefect

Semilore O

Social Prefect

Science and Craft

Teachers Appreciation

Father's & Mother's day

We had the maiden edition of the Father’s Day in July 2018. It was a really fun event . The Attendance was amazing, Pee Vee School daddies are exceptional

PeeVee School Video Stream

End of Year Parties & Events

Christmas Parties