PeeVee School Ambassadors

Mrs Araba Oluwatoyin

Pee Vee School is a world class co-educational school.
This is where the dreams of our children are not considered as mere fantasies. Rather, they fan the flames of greatness in an atmosphere that encourages creative thinking and sincere effort.
Pee Vee School guide every child through his or her own unique path to success.
A solid foundation is the surest way of turning talents into global skills, as they help our children get a head-start in developing their talents at Pee Vee School with various extra-curricular activities by building all round child that can stand out anywhere with among their peers.
The Head of Studies is an educationally sound with so many years of experience in class and l see her work as a calling backed by God.
She is passionate, compassionate, goal driven woman of God who knows her onions and also not just a seasoned teacher but a mother with a large heart.
The teachers in Pee Vee are well cultured, they also know their onions and discharge their duty with love, radiating joy always in doing whatever they were given to do especially during any school event.
I have been with Pee Vee School for few years and l don’t have any cause to regret.
Pee Vee School is a school you will put your child and be rest assured that you will have value for your money. I have recommended Pee Vee School for so many parents and l will continue because l know what am enjoying in Pee Vee School.
May God continue to enlarge the School and grant the Management wisdom to maintain the standard and the values of Pee Vee School.

Mrs Araba

Mr & Mrs Sanni

Pee Vee school is a wonderful school with very personable,dedicated and caring staff.Both our children have learnt so much and developed as confident individuals. They offer a uniquely, safe and supportive environment for children of all ages.

Pee Vee School Ambassador 2017/2018 session

PeeVee School Ambassadors

Mrs Olawale

Our son started PeeVee school with the play group arm of the school and this decision is one of the best decision we have made. We have always wanted a school “home away from home”, and PeeVee gave us that assurance of proving that.

The ability to combine academics, and other social curriculum is amazing. I admire my son’s musical skills and reading habit, this would not have been possible without the extra effort put in place by the teachers of the great citadel of learning.

PeeVee School is a place where your child’s faith is nourished not by spoken words but by examples. A place to be challenged, learn and grow in so many ways.

Through the structured activities, we have watched our son grow in confidence. PEEVEE School is a great citadel of learning an…
2017/2018 Pee Vee School Ambassador

Mrs Olawale
Mr & Mrs Omoniyi

Mr & Mrs Omoniyi

Pee Vee School is a remarkable place. Our children have been at Pee Vee School for 4 years. They do an outstanding job of balancing high quality academics with all important life skills: curiosity, responsibility, integrity, community building. Pee Vee places great emphasis on kids attaining knowledge, first hand learning by doing. They begin doing basic research projects in kindergarten (really!).

The teacher to student ratio is excellent and its a good thing too because the place is packed with inquiring minds that are ready to learn. We have three daughters in the school, our first daughter graduated from the school and she is doing well in her current school.

The most important strength of the school is the way they teach the students to be people of character. The expectation of integrity and hard work are equally high.Our children are thriving and flourishing in this emotionally safe, academically challenging school.     

Pee Vee School Ambassador 2016/2017 session

PeeVee School Ambassadors

Mrs Subair

My Children attend Peevee school. One of my craft trainee introduced me to the school sometime ago, and I have had no regrets since I enrolled my wards back in 2016. Before then, my older child had joined 4 different schools that left me dissatisfied for different reasons.

Peevee is a hub of stimulating and creative learning that constantly attempts to bring families together through the various assignments and projects that the students are engaged in. I appreciate the efforts of the Head of School as well as other staff and I commend them for their consistent dedication towards bringing out the best in every child.

Because of how impressed I am with the school’s overall performance and unrivaled commitment, I have invited many other parents to bring their wards to this great institution; and I am positive that the positive referrals will continue.

I am delighted to be an ambassador of the Peevee school family.

 Pee Vee Ambassador 2018/19 session

Mrs Subair
Mrs Odebunmi

Mrs Odebunmi

Pee vee school is a wonderful school and a beautiful learning environment. I remember walking into the school in 2013 and seeing the beautiful ambience even when it had just a creche. I knew this is where my kids would learn and I haven’t regretted that decision. They develop your children in all ramifications ensuring they are not just academically sound but behavioural as well. Both my sons are doing well and I am glad to show them off amongst their peers who do not attend the school.

Pee Vee School Ambassador 2015/2016

PeeVee School Ambassadors

Mrs Oriadetu

PEE VEE school is an amazing school. The children are not only impacted intellectually but also morally. I love the fact that the Head of school ensures all pupils are involved in one or more activities during school programs, this act builds children to be self confident and it also improves their self esteem.
Its been an amazing 3years with them, and I would implore the management to maintain the standard.
Pee Vee School Ambassador 2018/2019

Mrs Oriadetu
Mrs Adekambi

Mrs Adekanbi

 I came to PeeVee School with a daughter who had phobia for school (at the time) as she’s had a poor teaching experience from her previous school, she was also very shy. PeeVee School worked with her to bring out the best in her and today she’s serving the second time as a school prefect (who presented her manifesto before the staff & students of the school, campaigned, and won elections); she’s a Red-belter and a medalist in Takwandoo; she’s bagged several awards from the school and is a great motivation to her sister. I’m grateful to God for leading me to PeeVee School where you have dedicated teachers and a fantastic Director of studies.

In PeeVee every child is peculiar hence, every child is a star!

Pee Vee School Ambassador

PeeVee School Ambassadors

Mrs Aliyu

Pee vee school provides an enabling learning environment with amazing teachers who helps to build a solid academic foundation for the pupils. My daughter Oluwadarasimi, has shown vast improvements in phonetics, writing and numeracy.
The school helps in engaging the parents with various projects given to the pupils during the holidays, which helped the parents to be more involved in their child’s academic curriculum.

 2016/2017 Pee Vee School ambassador

Mrs Aliyu

Mr Nzette

As parents, my wife and I are grateful to God having our children attend PeeVee School.
PeeVee school gives ample opportunities to kids to explore all the areas of development through their curriculum which brings out the best in them ahead of their peers. The atmosphere of the school has always and still is warm,welcoming, encouraging and child friendly.
This school has one of the amazing and unique activities conducted once in 2week that Forster the oral language development in children by building vocabulary as well as self expression in a non competitive way which makes learning fun and stress free which helped my son “Praise” grabbed the overall best student award in 2017 academic session in reception. The Director of studies, management, teachers and non academic staff of PeeVee school have always been approachable and open to feedbacks.
The energy and positivity of the teachers are highly commendable.
I am constantly amazed by their genuine interest and care they give to each child and the positive feedbacks given to we parents on daily basis. I am always confident about the safety and wellbeing of my kids because of the conducive learning environment.
I have never been disappointed and I am a proud father/parent all thanks to God through PeeVee school.

Mr. Nzette . 2017/2018 Ambassador

PeeVee School Ambassadors